BBW cruise in 2025.

The Ultimate Plus Size Meet and Greet… at Sea!

We’re working with The Glamazon Lounge to go on a Carnival Cruise in August of 2025. This is the Ultimate Plus Size Meet and Greet at Sea! The only stop will be the new Carnival Island opening in the Summer of 2025. We will be one of the first cruises to go there. It looks like a great cruise and we’re going to go on it also.

Plus size meet and greet at sea.  BBW cruise in August 2025.

Contact Sharon

Sharon is making all of the arrangements for this Plus Size Cruise and you are invited to join us. We are taking over the 6th floor, starting at the back of the ship and moving forward. We have a block of rooms that are reserved with more to be reserved as we need them.

Contact Sharon if you want to go. Book for only $25 due by May 21, 2024 with final payment due on June 14, 2025! That gives you a year to pay for it.

Our First Cruise

This is how Sharon and I went on our very first cruise together, a year after we met. We booked it in advance and we made payments on it every month or two. Having a vacation planned is a great thing to look forward to and to work towards. You know that you’re spending your money in a good way and not wasting it on frivolous stuff.

We went cruising every year afterwards for several years. Every cruise was a great time. On one of them we picked out a wedding ring at a jewelry store in Belize and then I surprised her and proposed to her on a microphone in front of everyone in the Auditorium before that evenings show. I made some arrangements with the MC of the show beforehand. It was awesome, and they gave us a bottle of champagne. People congratulated us all over the ship. It was very fun!

On that same cruise, one of the ports had been blown away recently by a hurricane. An alternative port was Roatan and the ship stopped there. We got off the ship and at that particular port there wasn’t much to do, unless you wanted your hair braided. LOL! We got right back on the ship and did something on board. Like eat! You can eat day and night if you want to.

Plus Size BBW Cruise

I got sidetracked thinking about our cruises and it’s time that we go on another cruise. Please read all of the details at the The Glamazon Lounge. Next, get your deposit paid by contacting Sharon. Her phone number and her email address are on the picture above.

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