Las Vegas – here we come!

Las Vegas here we come! We plan a trip every half a year or so. Our next trip is at the end of March 2023 for a Travel Agent Convention. One of the days is April Fool’s Day so I wonder how that’s going to go!

Update: It went very well at the Paris Hotel. We’re back right now for the second Travel Agent Convention! Here’s a view from our Horseshoe Hotel room. It’s fabulous!

These are some of our recent Las Vegas photos in the slider above. We have been there so many times with Comp rooms… every trip we receive Comp rooms… so we have stayed in nearly every hotel on the Strip. We plan the trip around the complimentary rooms. One trip we moved 3 times! That was kind-of-a pain, so next time we paid for a couple nights and stayed in one room the whole week.

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