Plan for your vacation to make it happen.

Today is National Plan for Vacation Day

According to, today is National Plan for Vacation Day. It’s the last Tuesday in January. The article there lists a couple of steps to make your vacation happen and I have some more tips for you.

Decide where you want to go and then look at airfare to get there, for those specific dates. That will determine when you can go, more than any other factor. If you can drive there, that’s OK too.

Next, decide who’s going and who you’d like to meet, if anybody. Perhaps your vacation is to get away from people so decide those details.

What days? Do you have enough paid days off to cover it? Does that matter? Decide this as well so you can plan ahead accordingly.

What’s your budget per person? What are your “must do” things while you’re there?

Once you’ve made some decisions, does it look like it could happen? With planning we can make it happen, step by step.

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