We stayed for free with this view.

We’ve lived in Florida for two decades

We can help you plan your Florida vacation like a local would. We can help you find the best hotels, near the fun you want to have with your loved ones.

Would you like to go to Orlando to see the Mouse? I can help you plan that. Perhaps you prefer Universal Studios or Sea World. Whatever you like to do is what I’ll plan for you.

You should also plan a day over on the East Coast to see the Atlantic Ocean and plan a day over on the West Coast as well. Orlando’s in the middle so you can drive two hours east or west and see the beaches.

The two coasts are vastly different. The Atlantic Ocean sometimes blows sea foam up into the air and onto the road when there’s high waves from high winds. If a hurricane is out in the Atlantic Ocean, it sends huge waves towards the beach. If a hurricane is near, go home. Everything will be closed, and you don’t want to ride it out in a hotel with no power.

On the other hand, the West Coast is typically calm. The Gulf of Mexico doesn’t get big waves unless a big storm front is coming through. We’ve lived in the Tampa Bay Region for two decades and we prefer the West Coast. My Father lived in Clearwater Beach and my Grandfather lived in Fort Myers Beach.

My family visited my Grandfather in Fort Myers Beach when I was a child and that’s what started my love for the West Coast of Florida.

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